9 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before Freshman Year

Freshman year can be hard. We are here to help. Here are the things I wish someone had told me before freshman year of college.

1. Orientation week is going to be awkward and frustrating.

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The first week is very fun but also a little awkward. No one really knows what’s going on and icebreakers are only fun for so long. If you feel out of place, more than likely that’s how everyone around you is feeling.

2. It’s okay to sit at a random table in the dining hall.

The first few weeks of freshman year are a blur. You talk to everyone and are constantly meeting new people. This is the perfect time to sit down and introduce yourself to new people.

3. Most people find their best friends in their sophomore year.

Again, freshman year is all about meeting as many people as you can. If you don’t find the people you click with immediately, that’s okay. Once sophomore year rolls around and people have figured things out more, people gravitate towards friends who stick around for the long haul.

4. Everyone is in the same boat.

Even the people who seem to have it all figured out feel just as nervous, anxious and excited too.

5. Relax. It’s all going to work out. Things will fall into place how they’re meant to.

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6. College is a whirl wind.

You will have your ups and your downs and that is totally normal. Try to enjoy every moment for what it is because there is nothing else like college. You will truly never have as little responsibility or as much independence again.

7. Don’t compare yourself to other people.

Everyone comes from different backgrounds. You all ended up at your school for a reason. Trust that you belong there just as you are.

8. College is what you make of it.

At the end of the day, it does not matter where you end up. It matters what you do while you are there.

9. It’s okay to stay in sometimes.

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The college is four years. You don’t have to fit all the fun into the first year. Some of the best nights come from just hanging out with friends or watching a good show on Netflix.

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