Top 5 Useful College Tips For Freshmen You Need To Know

Shout out to the class of 2019! You did it! You made it through 4 long years of classwork, projects, last-minute pop quizzes, and tests. Now, you’re on your way to a whole new world: college. Some say college isn’t for them, especially after giving it a try for a semester or a year. Some say college is the way to go if you have the discipline and want a successful career. I want to give you 5 useful college tips to get you incoming freshmen used to your new reality.

Time Management

A cartoon version of a college girl, trying to manage her time.


In college, you definitely need to know how to manage your time. If you have a 7 am class and then a 10 am class and you have papers due in both classes by a certain time, keep a calendar or a notepad. Write reminders to yourself so, you’ll know when to stop by the library to get either a quick or a long study session. Never complete your assignments at the last minute because you’ll have some professors who will forgive it and give you extra time and then you have some professors who will flat out fail you because you know your deadline. Stay on track!


A young woman, feeling the stress from work.


Don’t overwork yourself. If you’re a full-time college student, understand that your work comes first before play. Once again, never wait until the last minute. In this day and age, any little thing can happen when you least expect it and it could cause you an important test grade or your overall grade in the class itself. If you have the time to study, study. Even if it’s just for 30 minutes. It counts. And take care of yourself, as well. Go to the cafĂ© and get your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Get at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep before class.

Being homesick.

Silhoutte of a woman's hands holding a house.


Whether you’re 2 hours away or 2,000 miles away, it’s understandable to be homesick. In my first year of college, I was just 2 hours away and I missed home like crazy. It’s even worse when you can only afford to come home during breaks such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. So, stay in touch with your family. Even if you have to call every day or every week, stay in touch. This is your support system.

Be social.

Millenials using social media to communicate.


Most colleges during Freshman Week have a day or session where it’s called, “Networking”. If you have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, you’ll want to get to know your fellow classmates. Don’t be scared to go to football and basketball games. If there’s an event on campus going on that you know you’ll be interested in, get involved. These connections you make with your future colleagues will shape your entire future, especially if you all grow to be really good friends.


A college pasttime: beer pong


Listen. College isn’t college without partying. When you first touchdown on campus, you will hear people talking about a party at a frat house or off-campus. And let’s not forget homecoming! Who is going to class during the homecoming? Nobody. I promise you. You will show up to class during homecoming week and it will only be you and 3 other people there. Because the remainder of the class is taking shots at 10 am. Or their nursing themselves from a hangover. Party but, not too much where it throws you off from the goal at hand. And the goal is to gain a degree and graduate.
Some people can spend their whole 4 years of college doing absolutely nothing and can blame it on the fact nobody said anything to them or told them about the possibilities of what could happen. You won’t be that person. Follow these steps and I promise you, you will succeed. Welcome to college. Don’t give up!

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