The 5 Classic Styling Tips To Always Keep In Mind

As trends come and go each season, it’s important to keep in mind some timeless styling tips. Below are a few classic fashion tricks that are always good to follow.

You Can Never Do “Too Much Black”

All Black Outfit


Black is one of the most fashionable and elegant colors in regards to fashion. Some people are weary of wearing all black outfits but in all honesty, you can never go wrong with too much black. As long as you are pairing sleek black pieces, you’re guaranteed to look stylish, polished, and of course – put together. If you are wearing an all-black outfit, be sure to pair it with a relatively natural make-up look or a red lip if you’re feeling extra bold.

Shoes Are Imperative To Any Outfit



Shoes are very important when styling an outfit. They can either dress up or dress down any look. Especially in the summer when dresses are more popular, a shoe can change an outfit entirely. Whether you’re pairing a cute pair of sneakers with a dress or with a pair of strappy heels, you’re basically transforming the same dress for two different occasions. So keep in mind that maybe you don’t need to buy a new dress but simply… a pair of new shoes to mix things up for a specific event.

Style With Makeup

Red Lip


We sometimes forget that our makeup can make or break a certain look. If you’re trying to highlight a certain color or aspect of your clothing choices, don’t be afraid to use your makeup to do some of the talking. For example, if you’re sporting a pair of pink kitten heels, why not match them with a pink lip? By being creative with your makeup, your outfits will come together seamlessly from head to toe.

Staying Detail Oriented



An outfit is a sum of multiple parts. There’s the top, the pants, the shoes, the makeup, the hair and the accessories. Being detail oriented will allow you to find perfect matches for all your outfits. Thinking logically of what colors go together or what clothing pieces compliment each other will allow you to coordinate a handful of awesome outfits within your wardrobe collection. Don’t be afraid to mix and match new pieces as long as you’re considering how they work together. Taking the time to think about styling is always worth it.

Invest In Staple Pieces



When shopping for new pieces, try investing in staples that you can wear with multiple outfits. If you spend money on items that are proven to last longer, you’re making a smart investment for your wardrobe as you will be able to wear the piece for a longer amount of time. Sometimes it can be easy to splurge on clothes or shoes that we’re only going to wear once. That being said, try to make conscious decisions to only spend money on pieces that you know can be worn in multiple ways and will last for a while. Mindful shopping is the best way to go!

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