The 5 Best Care Package Ideas For College Students

While the college fall semester is littered with breaks from class including thanksgiving and winter break, but once Santa delivers the last gift, college classes are back in session. Unfortunately for the students, the spring semester is not as packed with long weekends and breaks from classes, but the ultimate goal is the extensive summer break. For those students away from home, the task of college is even harder without the comfort of home. Here are some ideas to care packages for your studious college student to feel at home and relieve some stress.

Soothing Shower

While most college students don’t have access to bathtubs for a popular array of bath bombs, they do have access to a shower where they can make use of shower bombs instead. Your scholar can step-up their regular shower time into a luxurious, spa-like event. For the eco-friendly student, these products are also vegan and are delivered in boxes made from 100 percent post-consumer waste.

Whipped Showers

To keep up with the luxurious shower theme, include some whipped shower soap. These products resemble frosting and come in flavors like vanilla and birthday cake. There are additional sets that come with fresh scents like lemon mint and lavender.

Ease Stress Aches and Pains

With the constant hunching over into textbooks, laptops, and phones, the aches and pains are there for students. A great way to include relief into a care package is with a heated neck and shoulder massager. A solution for the pain and discomfort while also providing a method of relaxation. its cordless design also makes it easier to use in dorms or apartments.

Playful Stress Relief

Still following the overwhelming concept of college stress, therapy dough is a great way for the student to let go of the mental chatter and focus their mind on something physical. The dough comes in a variety of scents to help amp up the student’s relaxation. It’ll easily become a relaxing ritual whenever they’re stressed.

Some Sweet Treats

What’s even better than some sweet snacks? Maybe some positivity in the sweet snack. Fantastic Fortune Cookies are available to provide not only a solution to the student’s sweet tooth but also provide them with a fortune in each cookie to help them feel positive. The fortunes are also able to be personalized to show your love even more.

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