The Shocking Importance Of Skin Care In Korea

What is K Beauty?

One of the most common questions so far of 2018 is drawing more and more attention as one by one people discover the mass global uprising that is Korean beauty. For those of you who are just catching up, in short, K beauty is the fountain of youth. However, in more technical terms K beauty is Korean beauty, an industry that prioritizes skincare and exports an abundance of top-notch products to give you an eternal dewy glow. K beauty is continuously paraded by huge idols in Korea such as the music group that recently broke the Billboard charts in America “BTS”, as well as other giant stars in Korea such as “Monsta X,” “Shinee”, and “Exo.” Now, K beauty is not only dominating Korea but seems to be taking over the world one face mask at a time.

What were the beginnings of K beauty?

Here is a small history lesson if you will. As new as it is to many across the world, K beauty has ancient origins. Korea began as a society centered around agriculture. In order to protect their skin from sun damage, Koreans that took part in the functioning of agricultural societies began to develop natural forms of skincare. This emphasis on the importance of skincare has survived throughout centuries and has led to the formation of the booming industry that K beauty is today.

How can I participate in K beauty?

Currently, although it is so much more, K beauty can be condensed into a 10 step process for skincare in order to achieve the goal of what is known in Korea as “Glass skin.” Glass skin can be achieved by anyone. It is the height of the potential for great skin. It is the greatest of all great skins that your skin can possibly be. To achieve this, it is important to keep in mind that Korean beauty emphasizes consistency rather than short-term results. Korean beauty care is meant to be repeated continuously in order to give your skin true and genuine benefits in the long run and maintain beautiful skin. Creating a routine is essential to achieving long-term goals. The foundation of K beauty skincare can be seen in the following 10 steps, although the process does not necessarily have to include all steps. There are mixtures of certain skin products that can be used to condense the steps, but overall your skin is uniquely yours and may only need 4 steps out of the process. If you wish to participate in the immortal industry of K beauty, review the 10 steps nightly process and adjust it for your own skincare needs accordingly.

1. Begin with a bare face and use an oil cleanser

Using an oil cleanser will remove any oil-based makeup that you are wearing, and will also help to eradicate any extra grime lying on your skin. To do this, rub the oil cleanser into your skin and then gently splash water over your entire face. Repeat a process of rubbing and then gently splashing until all of the oil cleansers is rinsed off. If you haven’t worn makeup in days and your skin has already been cleaned of the day’s dirt, then it is fine to just splash your bare face with water.

2. Use a gentle/water-based cleanser

Using an additional cleanser that is water-based will ensure the cleanliness of your skin. Simply repeat the same process in step one with a gentle non-oil or water-based cleanser. Kpop idols Nayeon and Chaeyoung from “Twice” use Shiseido Fitit Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam.

3. Exfoliate (this step should not be done every day)

Around only once or twice a week make sure to include this step in your skin routine. Use an exfoliator and gently exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin cells that may be hanging around. Rub an exfoliator scrub around your face gently and then rinse off with water.

4. Use toner

Toner is used for enforcing the equilibrium of your PH levels. It rehydrates your skin after the first two steps and allows for a healthy start to the rest of the process. Specific toners are great aids to regulating the dryness or oil levels in your skin. To apply toner use a cotton pad and dab your toner across your entire face. Monsta X’s Minhyuk a tea tree oil toner known as the Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Toner. He pats the toner on his face three times before he looks to his next step.

5. Essence

Essence is made for hydrating your skin and is a huge aid to your skin cells. The best way to use essence is through a spray bottle and spraying the essence across your face.

6. Use a serum or skin treatment such as acne treatment or pigmentation treatment (depending on your specific problem areas)

Treatments are used to pinpoint specific skin issues such as acne. Treatments are personalized so use whichever skin treatment you use regularly. Serums involve elements that aim for the places in which your skin needs the most help.

7. Use a sheet mask

Yes, the sheet masks that you keep seeing in your friends snap chat stories that make them look like energetic serial killers. Sheet masks are soaked and filled to the brim with elements that are like water in a desert to your skin. Different sheet masks improve different things. Certain sheet masks improve oily skin whereas others aid dry skin. Sheet masks can be used as much as you want and are probably the most fun part of this process. The members of  k pop group BTS have stated that they use Mediheal sheet masks which can be found on

8. Eye cream

Yeah, it sounds kind of weird to have to use eye cream at first, but it, in fact, is an essential step for skincare. The skin around your eyes is the most fragile skin on your body. Eye creams give the skin around your eyes an extra boost of hydration. Gently rub the eye cream into the area around your eyes and be careful to not get any in your eyes!

 9. Moisturizer/ A sleeping face mask

The last step of the night at least is to use moisturizer. Make sure that whichever moisturizer you use is suited for your skin type.  Moisturizers include but are not limited to lotion, sleep masks (for ensuring that moisture is long-lasting and sealed), and cream. The goal is to seal the moisture into your face after all of your steps.

10. When you wake up in the morning put on SPF

Finally, what started it all, protection against sun damage. After a night of massaging your face, when you wake up in the morning use SPF to protect your skin from the sun. Make sure you are using SPF infused lotion or sunscreen every day. If you are going to throw out half of these steps make sure to keep at least this one.

10 Popular K beauty brands

3.Papa Recipe
4.Mizon Snail Recovery
5. Make P: rem
8.By Wish
10.Banila Clean It

K beauty is revolutionizing skin care across the world. Glass skin is closer to becoming a topic of dinner conversation in every household. Although the 10 step process is an effective way to reaching your divine skin potential, all 10 steps are not required to develop your skin into the best that it can be. Your own skin process should be personalized to cater to your own skin’s needs. Enjoy embarking on your new journey of researching Korean skin products while I put on my MediHeal face mask!

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