5 Hacks For Turning Texts Into A Date (And Not A Hookup)

Dating apps have revolutionized love. There’s no doubt about that. Older generations may wax lyrical about “traditional” dating, but our modern age makes it easier to weed out incompatible or toxic partners while connecting with far more people than we ever could before.
However, a lot of people tend to get stuck at a crucial but frustrating phase: texting. You may have found the perfect match, but now you have to text back and forth, never knowing what this person is really like, before taking it further. If you are forward and ask to meet immediately, they may well just think you’re looking for a hookup. While there’s nothing wrong with an occasional booty call, this is not how you want to come across when you’re looking for something serious.
Research has shown that there are some seriously surprising dating trends at the moment in the way that singles are dating online, but if you use the following dating hacks, you can quickly turn to date online as a super-efficient medium. 

  • Set a reasonable time limit
  • The problem with asking for a date fairly quickly is that some people just are not comfortable without a lot of texting first. Understandably. After all, they’re considering letting someone into their lives and caution is appropriate. However, this does not mean you need to wait forever.
    Set a reasonable time limit – for your own use. For people who text a lot, this can be just three or four days. For those who text sparingly, set aside at least a week.

  • State what you want
  • One of the biggest challenges texting presents is that it gives us a screen to hide behind. We don’t have to open ourselves up to being hurt. It’s, therefore, no wonder that we struggle to state what we want.
    However, if you are upfront and honest, you will be surprised at how refreshingly easy it is. Tell the other person that you don’t want to text forever, but also inform them that you’re not just looking for casual sex. If they can handle that, they’ll tell you. If not, they’re not right for you.

  • Date safely
  • The person on the other end may well be concerned about security. Catfishing is rife, and there is serious precedent for dates becoming dangerous. This applies to both parties. Therefore, always find a neutral place to meet. It should be in public. It should also not be too near your home so that you can keep your address secret as long as you need to. With both your safety needs taken into account, your potential partner will feel a lot more comfortable meeting in person.

  • Send current pics (not nudes)
  • Your dating profile should have plenty of great pics of you, but it is the pics you send while texting that will make them feel safe. Send a candid selfie while you’re chilling at home. For now, don’t send nudes if you don’t want your first date to be sexual in nature.
    Ask them to send pics as well, to make sure they’re real. They don’t need to be holding today’s newspaper, but they should look fairly natural.

  • Watch their cues
  • Finally, it’s important that you follow their cues carefully to ensure that you’re both on the same page. Sometimes, you’ll say that you don’t want casual sex, but they’ll continue messaging you with that purpose anyway. You can’t always tell over text (which is probably why you want to meet in person) but there are certainly clues.