Watch Jennifer Aniston Surprise Fans At Central Perk

Nobody has been okay since Friends was taken off of Netflix. Luckily Jeniffer Aniston gave fans a good dose of nostalgia when she hosted The Ellen Degeneres Show. Since the Friends set is on the same lot at Ellen’s show, Jennifer used that opportunity to surprise some fans that were visiting.

As Friends fans sat on a Central Perk couch to take a photo, Jennifer crouched behind them. As the camera flashes she jumps up and usually says something to surprise the fans. In some pictures, she even holds a coffee pot and pretends to serve cups of coffee just like her character Rachel Green did.

Many of the fans were asked which cast member was their favorite friend. Ross, Joey, Phoebe were some of the answers given. However No one said Rachel, Jennifer made it very clear she was disappointed. It was all smiles after Jennifer popped out from behind the couch though. Some fans couldn’t even believe it, one asking if it was a mask, another just repeatedly screaming.

After the photos, the fans who met Jennifer were taken back to the Ellen show taping where Jennifer joked that they could watch their “third favorite friend” host The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 

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