Top 10 Date Night Handbag Essentials

Getting your essentials down pact for date night is definitely a process. We can all agree that being without something absolutely necessary is one of the worst feelings ever. Luckily for you, there are women that have been there and done that. Take this wisdom and go forth to play the field with the confidence that your purse has everything you need!

1. Phone, Wallet & Keys

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What else would I start with than with the essentials to have in your bag, date or no date! These essentials don’t require an explanation, but something to note is not to leave your wallet at home on purpose. In this day an age, it’s no longer a thing that men automatically pay for everything, so be prepared for any situation!

2. Basic Makeup/Skincare

If you plaster on some makeup for a date, make sure you can keep it in the state it was in when you left your house. Sometimes a date can be longer than initially expected, so be prepared to do some touch-ups such as a little concealer on stubborn breakouts, some powder for a shiny t-zone, some glue for runaway falsies, and lipstick for after you eat.
Tip: Even if you’re not a lipstick kind of gal or prefer to do without in preparation for a makeout sesh, you should still keep some chapstick in tow. No one wants to look at or kiss chapped lips! #sorrynotsorry
Tip: If you have oily skin, pack some blotting paper in your bag for a quick refresher!

3. Gum/Mints

Sometimes you don’t plan on going to a restaurant and trying something new only to have it reak havoc on your breath. Sometimes you forget to brush your teeth before heading out the door to meet up. In any case, keep something in your bag that will freshen your breath for possible kissing action down the road!

4. Tampons

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No one wants to be the girl who gets told she has a giant red stain on her bottom or have to raid your date’s bathroom for a possible tampon in a full-blown panic. Avoid the trauma and put that pad/tampon in the zipper compartment of your purse that you have no use for anyway!

5. Pepper Spray

The harsh reality of date rape and dating violence is something we can’t ignore, no matter how dreamy our date seems. Being able to protect yourself is absolutely necessary! Do yourself a favor and order some pepper spray from Amazon. Your safety is worth way more than those 10 dollars!
Tip: To preemptively avoid a dangerous situation, download a safety app such as Safe365 on your phone so your friends and family know where you are at all times.

6. Lotion

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Depending on your skin’s characteristics, packing lotion can be a real lifesaver! Sometimes we may run out of the door after a shower and forget to moisturize or naturally get dried out during the winter. Being able to remedy an ashy situation is critical.

7. Allergy Meds/Pain Remedy

Don’t let these hindrances get in the way of enjoying your date! If you suspect yourself of getting plagued by allergies or have an inevitable pain come back, pack what you need to avoid any setbacks.

8. Deodorant/Feminine Spray

Sometimes a date can be more outdoorsy or physically strenuous than you expect. If you’re someone who easily sweats off deodorant or naturally has a stronger smell, pack your deodorant and feminine spray for quick touch-ups to avoid an embarrassing situation later on!

9. Stain Remover

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Laughing really hard at his jokes can mean accidentally spilling your drink on yourself. As embarrassing as a stain is when the date is not yet over, it’s a good idea to keep a stain remover in your purse like a Tide pen for any possible hiccups during your meal.

10. Condoms

Of course, I couldn’t leave out a means for practicing sexual health! Relying on him to have condoms on hand is risky business. Sometimes a date is just that great, and you end up getting hot and heavy despite not planning it. Don’t let anyone convince you to have unsafe sex only due to the absence of contraceptives! Even if you are already on a type of birth control, STD’s can be preventable by simply keeping a condom tucked away in your purse.
Taking all of this into consideration, enjoy playing the field! Sure, spontaneity is something all women yearn for, but being prepared for all scenarios doesn’t mean you’re forfeiting it. All it means is that you’ll be ready for it when it comes! Have fun, be confident, and stay safe ladies!

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