10 Ways To Get Over A Breakup: Tips To Heal A Broken Heart

Let’s face it, breakup sucks. But what are you going to do? You can’t just keep dwelling on the breakup forever. Although it’s perfectly normal to mourn the relationship, it’s best to get over one as soon as possible because you’re so much more than that. Here are 10 of the most practical, beneficial ways you can fully get over that heartache – and, we guarantee you, you’ll come out loving life and relationship once more.

1. Go On A Vacation – Even If Its By Yourself

therapist Rev. Sheri Heller

2. Get A Hobby

Try to experiment in learning a new hobby for a change. Get your mind off the breakup and keep yourself busy doing the things you enjoy. Thank god hobbies have so much range that you can do almost anything; attending a dance class, taking photographs, painting, etc.

3. Rearrange Your Home

‘A new look creates space for new memories. Out with the old, inviting the new,’ recommends Krysta Monet, creative director for Nine and North Co. Declutter your mind with the old to restart for a fresh new beginning.

4. Stop Blaming Yourself

It takes two to break up – the problem wasn’t just you, it was you two as a couple. Just saying don’t take it too hard on beating yourself up only.

5. If You Start Dating Again, Take It Really Slow

If you take it step by step and enjoy it as a casual thing for a while, that’ll give you some time to evaluate whether you’re actually ready to be with someone again. It always doesn’t hurt to take things slowly anyway.

6. Talk About It With People You Trust – Or Strangers

Sometimes talking about the breakup can help going through with it. You’ll be surprised as to how many people are willing to listen really – you name it, parents, friends, co-workers, bartenders, etc. When the people who love you know you’re hurting, they really do rally around you.

7. Work Through It With A Therapist

Although seeing a therapist may seem like a red flag for most. Surprisingly it’s just as much comforting as talking about it to your friends or family members. You’ll probably have an easier time getting over the heartbreak healthily gaining more confidence back through every session. And the best part, no one will judge but only listen to you.

8. Stop Texting Your Ex

This is hard, we know. But if the temptation is just too hard, just block them. Yes, it’s that simple but we just choose not to do it and in the end get hurt getting our hopes up. Not talking to them again may save you the pain of getting hurt twice.

9. Write About It In A Journal Or Diary

10. Buy Yourself A Big Bouquet Of Pink Roses

Put them in a vase, water them, and wait for them to wilt. When it’s time to throw them out, check in with your feelings. Guess what? By the time those roses die, you’ll already feel better. Then, keep buying yourself roses recommends Veronica Yip, a San Diego resident who swears by this hack.