Help Australia With Lush's Koala Soap

Not only is Lush an eco-friendly brand with vegan products, no animal testing, and delicious scents, but they also strive to financially help those countries who undergo environment tragedies.
Recently, Lush launched a koala-shaped soap to help raise funds for an animal rescue group Bush Animal Fund, which is working to provide assistance with what the bushfires have done to the natural habitat in Australia.

Lush released a blurb on their website regarding the koala soap and the cause they wish to support:

“An estimated one billion animals have perished since the bushfires in Australia began last September. Many species endemic to Australia, including the koala, have suffered significant losses to their populations. To help, we’re launching this limited edition koala-shaped bar in the same scent as our bestselling Outback Mate soap. 100 percent of the purchase price (minus taxes) goes to grassroots organizations working in animal rescue or land restoration through the newly-established Bush Animal Fund. As for the soap itself? This sudsy showertime mate will give you a cheery blast of chill thanks to plenty of eucalyptus infusion, peppermint oil and plenty of hydrating coconut oil to keep limbs soft and supple. What’s not to love?”

The brand issued 10,000 of the koala soaps and all 10,000 were sold. At $6.95 per product that equates to about $70,000 that Lush managed to raise for the Australian animal charity.

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