Stop Making Fun Of Hailey Beiber's Pinkies

Look we’ve all got weird body parts and celebrities aren’t exempt from that. Hailey Beiber included. She posted an Instagram story asking fans to stop roasting her about her crooked pinkie fingers. The story showed a picture of her hand and her beautiful engagement ring captioned with, “ok let’s get into the pinky conversation..”  and then explained that she herself has made fun of her crooked fingers and might as well tell everyone else the reason why they look the way they look.

In her Instagram story, Hailey explains that she has a genetic disorder called ectrodactyly that gives her pinkie a “claw-like” look. She’s had it since she was a child and just wanted to get everybody on the same page. Justin Beiber obviously isn’t too bothered by his wife’s pinkies, so why should we be?

Instead of making fun of Hailey’s genetic disorder watch her husband, Justin Beiber’s new docuseries “Seasons” on Youtube in which you can see he loves Hailey, crooked pinkies and all.

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