The 10 Games For Your Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl is around the corner and whether you’re watching it in the stadium or in front of the tv at home, the party is all the fun. Here are 10 games for your Super Bowl party to keep the not-so-sports fans, kids and everyone else in between entertained from the first to the fourth quarter.
Commercial Bingo: Just like regular bingo, but instead of numbers, you write in large companies that you think are going to make sure they have an ad during the Super Bowl. First to get five in a row wins!
DIY Shuffleboard: If your guest list is a little extensive, this game is one that will keep everyone entertained. An easy to make shuffleboard with M&Ms as the shuffleboard pieces, a fun game with inexpensive materials.
Paper Football Lego: With some legos laying around from the kids, you can design goalposts to cater to even the least athletically-inclined guest.
Super Bowl Pick ‘Em: If bets are the way to get the adrenaline flowing, give guests a questionnaire. The winner could earn a prize – or maybe just bragging rights. Regardless of the result, it’ll keep people entertained from start to finish.
Mascot-Matching: While some mascots and their names are an obvious give-away to their corresponding teams, others aren’t are clear. Make the ultimate quiz and match the mascots to their teams.
Judge the Commercials: For the ones who aren’t into the game, the commercials are just as fun. Get the party-goers and vote on the favorite ads with some scorecards.
Ring Toss: While waiting for kickoff, start your own competition with a football-themed ring toss.
Pin the Football: A fun little game for the kids while everyone is mingling, snacking or watching.
Bean Bag Football Toss: This toss is made with fleece and felt to keep the kids entertained some more. A bonus of it is that it’s reusable so it can become a Super Bowl party game tradition.
Football Throw: A fun game for the whole party. It only requires a hula hoop and some footballs. The point is to aim for the hoop and hope you make it in.

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