See Maisie Williams Sing "Let It Go" In New Superbowl Audi Ad

We all know Maisie Williams is one talented girl. From kicking ass in Game of Thrones to kicking even more ass in her upcoming movie The New Mutants. However, in the new Audi Superbowl ad, Maisie shows off the vocal talents by singing the Frozen tune “Let It Go.”
The ad shows Maisie stuck in traffic and getting increasingly frustrated. Until she starts singing the iconic Frozen song  “Let It Go.” And honestly, she sounds pretty good and even hits the high note. The ad promotes Audi’s new sustainability venture with Maisie driving the new Audi e-Tron Sportback. As the as continues people in other cars join in on Maisie’s performance at one point a gas station sign even starts singing.

Maisie shared how it felt to showcase her singing ability in a Superbowl ad in an exclusive with Vanity Fair. She says, “At the beginning, I was very excited. And then when I started listening to the song, I realized how hard it is to sing, so I was a little bit nervous.” However, after working with vocal coach Eric Vetro Maisie delivered a wonderful performance and is eager to do more. She says, “I’d love to do more. Even before this trailer’s come out, we’ve had so many people being like ‘Does Maisie sing? Can she do a musical? Something in the universe is telling people that I have a voice, and I need to use it. So I’m very excited for the world to see what I can do, and I really hope that it leads to more things in the future. And if not, it would have been fun to do anyway.”


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