Here Are 5 Stylish Sunglasses You Must-Have This Spring

Sunglasses. The ultimate accessory. You have your absolute favorite pair that you will cherish forever, the pair you keep in your car, the pair you throw in your purse when you’re rushing out the door, and the pair from your local drug store that you don’t care too much about losing or breaking. But, no matter what pair it is, you need to make sure your sunnies are making a statement. This season, we have some new trends making their way to the top!
Check out these 5 styles of sunglasses that you must-have:

1. Gigi Slim Rectangle Sunglasses

gigi slim rectangle sunglasses from urban outfitters on model

Urban Outfitters

$10 from Urban Outfitters
Kanye West once wrote Kim Kardashian an email saying how big sunglasses are out and skinny sunglasses are in and our lives haven’t been the same since. Yes, these sunglasses cover no part of your eye, but that’s not the point! The point is they are sleek, trendy and give off some serious cool girl vibes.  You can match these sunglasses with an all-black outfit or the classic jeans and white tee look.

2. After Hours Shield Sunglasses

after hours shield sunglasses from Quay in tortoise color


$55 from Quay 
If slim-framed sunglasses aren’t for you, go the other direction with these larger frames. The secret to finding the perfect pair of sunnies for you is to find a pair that frames your face perfectly. For some of us, a bigger frame works wonders for us! If that’s you, then these will become your new favorite pair for the spring and summer seasons. This tortoise color is also perfect for the spring season because the frames aren’t too dark and the color will match with all hair colors.

3. Cat Eye Sunglasses

Zara cat eye sunglasses on white background


$26 from Zara
The cat eye is a style of sunglasses that has been going in and out of style for decades, but now, it’s back and better than ever. This style is one of the bests because of its ability to fit perfectly on almost any face shape. The cat-eye shape screams confidence, which is exactly what we are looking for in our favorite pair of sunnies. These shades make a statement without being too over-bearing, which we love!

4. Ray-Ban Aviator Flash Sunglasses

aviator ray-bans with blue tinted frames on model from urban outfitters


$178 from Urban Outfitters 
If you are spending this much money on a pair of sunglasses,  you better make sure they aren’t going out of style anytime soon. Lucky for you, Ray-Bans are probably the most common sunglasses brand on the planet and the aviator style is extremely popular. While a lot of people have the classic Ray-Ban aviators, one thing you can do to set you apart from the rest is to get a fun color. These blue-tinted sunglasses will definitely make a statement this spring season.

5. Circular Frame Sunglasses

H&M circular frame sunglasses on white background


$10 from H&M 
This pair of shades might only be $10, but don’t let the price fool you, these sunglasses will quickly become your favorite pair to wear to a fun party or the beach. The circular frames are a go-to amongst celebrities and sometimes it’s the simplest looks that make the biggest statement. Not to mention, they are totally vintage looking. A lot of the times, we pick out our sunglasses depending on our outfit, but with these, you can style them with any type of outfit!

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