Insider Details on Bieber’s ‘Seasons’ Docuseries

Justin Bieber‘s new 10-part YouTube docuseries provides viewers with an intimate look at the artist who launched from the same platform just a decade earlier. The artist opens up about his mental health, his marriage with Hailey Baldwin and gives fans a look into the recording studio. The series, which debuted its first part this week, gives light on Bieber after his four-year hiatus from recording and delves into the process of recording his upcoming fifth album, Changes.

Bieber was the one who spearheaded the project to be able to tell his story. The director and executive producer of the series, Micheal D. Ratner sat down to brainstorm with Bieber and the ideas ended up lining up with what he wanted to make as a director and storyteller. Nothing was off-limits to discuss in the production of the series. The star was open to talking about his music and the process of making it as well as Hailey and his life in the past few years.


Bieber who is now 25 years old, touches on the intensity of his success from such a young age and how that led to his struggles with depression. Episode 5 delves specifically into his journey into the tougher times of his life. The singer allows himself to be vulnerable about his life in order to help others. There was a point to be made that whether famous or not, people dealing with the same things as others can be an eyeopener. Along with his vulnerabilities, Bieber lets watchers see the process of planning his and Hailey’s wedding. Despite the transparency though, Bieber does skip over some spots of his life, like his relationship with Selena Gomez. It’s said that the main focus of the doc is for the things that happened in the last couple of years that Bieber has been able to draw inspiration from along with the process of his music and new album.

Justin Bieber: Seasons” is currently streaming on YouTube Originals. The second episode comes out Wednesday, February 5, 2020.

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