Top 10 Best Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, whether you’re single or taken, you can always appreciate your girls. If gathering your girl squad for a good time is more your style rather than a fancy, date night, here are 10 ideas to celebrate Galentine’s Day.

Karaoke Party

Good music and good people definitely equals a good time. Turn on those favorite tunes and sing your hearts out.

Nail Decorating Party

A little pampering without the hefty spa fee. Bring out your fave nail polish colors and nail stickers to feel fabulous.

Bake-off Party

If competitiveness is a trait that’s cherished in the friendship, consider a friendly bake-off. See who in the group can be most creative with their desserts and maybe even discover a secret five-star baker in someone.

Mean Girls Movie Night

Some of us just enjoy a cozy night in. Grab some movies or log into Netflix and watch the night away with your fave flicks (Mean Girls is always recommended).

Pup Play Date

Why not share the love with your furry friends too? Invite the girls and their pets for a play date. If a chill day is more your thing, then tell them to bring their doggie beds and everyone can settle down for a pup-human movie night.

Beach Day

If your location and weather allow, go out for a gathering on the beach. Make sure to pack your sunnies, sunscreen and maybe even some bubbly!

Girls’ Road Trip

Not feeling an indoor activity? No problem. Gather the girls, pack your bags and start driving! Go anywhere you’ve been meaning to visit but haven’t gotten the chance to.

Wine Tasting

What can be more perfect than a ladies’ wine night? Don’t forget to bring out the cheese platter!

Cooking Party

If there’s a known chef in your group, see if they’d want to show everyone a new recipe they’ve been meaning to try out. Or if there are multiple chefs in the group, maybe host a cook-off.

Outdoor Dinner and Movie

Still feeling the outdoorsy vibe? Host an outdoor dinner and movie get together. You can step up the party with party favors, goodie bags, and endless drinks.