Here Is How To Finally Fix Dry Hair For Good

Believe it or not, baby-soft hair is actually attainable (yup, even during winter). Here are important steps to getting shiny, soft-as-f*cking-silk hair through winter and beyond:

Tip #1: Use heat protection

Living proof perfect hair day styling spray

Living Proof

Your hair contains keratin proteins and hydrogen bonds, which are broken down every time you use heat on them. So if you frequently use heat tools on your hair, you will completely ruin the quality of your hair, and dehydrate your strands. To help prevent hair dryness you need to start using a heat protectant before you start styling your hair with flat irons or blow dryers.

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Tip #2: Don’t wash your hair daily


Excess shampooing will destroy your natural oils – only shampoo wash your hair three times a week at most (the less, the better babes).

Tip #3: Sleep on silk pillows

Woman sleeping


We left using cotton pillows in 2019, we’re using silk pillows now. Unlike cotton pillows that eat up your products and tangle your ends, silk pillows will be more gentle on your hair.

Tip #4: Use hair sunscreen

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By now I’m sure we’re already know that we need to apply SPF 30 every morning to protect your face from the sun; well, you should also be protecting your hair. To protect your hair from getting too much sun exposure, throw on a hat and spritz your hair with an SPF-spiked product if you’re planning on spending the day outside.

Tip #5: Mask regularly

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To achieve silky-smooth hair, Use super moisturizing hair mask at least once a week. Look for rich, creamy formulas that are spiked with powerful hydrators like argan oil, biotin, and/or keratin. Smooth on your mask before you go to bed and rinse it out in the morning.

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