Top 10 Best College Spring Break Destinations

Spring break is nearing and while some students plan to go back home and relax, others desire more of an adventure. Here are 10 spring break destinations fit for a college student’s adventure desires and budget. 

Panama City Beach, Florida

ShutterstockLocated along the Gulf Coast on the southern shores of the northwest Florida panhandle. This beach claims to be “The World’s Most Beautiful Beach” and the “Spring Break Capital of the World.” Panama City Beach coordinates its spring break with a well-design plan by the city’s hospitality industry.

South Padre Island, Texas


Located on one of the most southern edges of Texas, on a barrier island. This Texan island is known for being the first location not in Florida to bring in so many spring breakers. For the past three decades, the officials of South Padre Island reported that up to 120,000 spring breakers come to the island for the beaches and nightlife.

Daytona Beach, Florida


About 50 miles from Orlando’s amusement parks – Disney, Universal, and Seaworld – people refer to Daytona Beach as the original spring break beach that meets the Atlantic ocean. These 23 miles of sandy beaches are famous for their sand that you can drive on. Red double-decker buses transport the spring breakers from restaurant to bar to the beach for free.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


A city along the US east coast that is located halfway between the beginning and end of The Grand Strand – a 60 mile beachfront that runs along the northern coast of South Carolina. Not only a popular spring break destination, Myrtle Beach is also the second quickest growing metro area in the country. The beach has an estimated 14 million visitors each year, year-round.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica


Translated is Eight Rivers which was once a simple fishing village but has now become a spring break preferred destination. Visitors also have the chance to visit Columbus Park, which claims it’s the first place that Christopher Columbus first stepped on land. Ocho Rios has a wide array of things to do, from museums and waterfalls to beaches and its nightlife.

New Orleans, Louisiana


Known for Mardi Gras and some of the most unique foods with french influence, the nightlife is prominent on Bourbon Street and the French Quarter. The city finds itself exceeding 10 million visitors annually. Although New Orleans has faced some devastating natural disasters, the city’s resilience defines it and those ready to rebuild. This spot is not only great for spring breakers but especially for foodies.

Nassau, Bahamas


This Caribbean destination offers both sides of the coin. If you’re looking to party all day, nonstop action is offered from dawn to dusk. If chilling and relaxing are more of the goal, you can find several unique places to sit down and be calm. The destination also offers spring breakers a ‘platinum pass’ to prepay for snorkeling, open bar, dancing contests, and local food.

Key West, Florida


The last stop along the Florida keys. Key West is a small but historically rich city where the partying doesn’t stop. The key is closer to Cuba by 95 miles than to Miami by 129 miles. Key West and Miami Beach are the only two places that have never experienced a frost or freeze. Spring Breakers can also visit Ernest Hemmingway’s home where he wrote a portion of “A Farewell to Arms”.

Cancun, Mexico


Located on the Yucatan Peninsula, which borders the Caribbean Sea. If you seek to learn some of the Mexican histories, consider the Mayan sites nearby. Cancun is also known for nightlife and its famous nightclubs or just hop on a Booze Cruise.

Savannah, Georgia


Holding the distinction of the oldest city in Georgia, it was founded in 1733. The city’s rich extensive connection to the past is experienced through their famous Savannah Walking Ghost Tour. Spring breakers should checkout theatrical productions or a smooth ride on a paddlewheel boat on the Savannah River.

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