Kim Kardashian Launches SKIMS In Nordstrom At New York Fashion Week

Reality star and businesswoman Kim Kardashian launched her shapewear line SKIMS in Nordstrom. This would be the first retail location for SKIMS. Kim decided to have a presentation for SKIMS during New York Fashion Week at Nordstrom. The models all aligned like mannequins and posed together wearing the SKIMS collection. The first 50 shoppers were also allowed to take a quick picture and meet with Kim Kardashian.

SKIMS was originally named KIMONO but Kim faced controversy for cultural appropriation for using that name. This is due to what kimono means to Japanese culture and after receiving the feedback Kim Kardashian announced back in August 2019 that she would change the name to SKIMS.

The brand’s Instagram paged announced back in August that SKIMS is “first in class in shapewear for all body types”. SKIMS is a body-contouring shapewear inspired by Kim Kardashian. Its flesh-toned and meant to go seamless under your clothing.
SKIMS comes as Kim Kardashian’s latest addition to her businesses along with KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance. Kim Kardashian expressed how she would always wear shapewear over the years and that she couldn’t find the perfect ones. Her new SKIMS collection gave her the perfect undergarments to be worn seamless with her clothing.