Lana Condor Accidentally Dissed Barack Obama

Everybody gets starstruck, including stars. When Lana condor made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, she shared a story in which she was so starstruck by Michelle Obama, that she accidentally dissed Barack Obama.

At first, Lana shared another story in which she was star-struck, this time when Jimmy Fallon helped her with her Met Gala Dress. Lana’s very fluffy tulle dress by Giambattista Valli Couture was difficult to move in and so Jimmy helped her maneuver the tricky dress going into the dinner. Lana said “Okay so he remembered me and he’s helping me with my train…I was so starstruck.”

Then Lana shared her ultimate star-struck moment, the time she met Michelle Obama. She shared how she was adopted from Vietnam and has a scholarship that puts Vietnamese girls through high school education and because Michelle Obama leads the Girls Opportunity Alliance, Lana was given a very special opportunity. The Girls Opportunity Alliance seeks to empower women through education around the world and Lana was able to travel back to Vietnam with Michelle Obama to speak to girls about the importance of education. Lana had some special moments in Vietnam like returning to the orphanage she was adopted from at 4 months old. However, the moment she prepped months for was meeting the former first lady.

She tells Jimmy her thought process, “It’s not the monarchs so you don’t bow, but she’s my queen.” The meeting went well and Lana even got a hug from Michelle and told her she loved her. That picturesque moment, however, differed from how Lana met Barack Obama. When she met Barack Obama, she was still in shock from meeting his wife told him “I think you’re so great but I think your wife is even more amazing.” Immediately after she thought “But why did I say that?” Luckily Barack Obama gets that his wife is pretty fantastic and brushed off the accidental diss by saying that he gets that all the time.

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