Nicki Minaj Returns to Queen Radio Amid Meek Mill Beef After 3 Month Hiatus

Saddle up Barbz, Mrs. Petty is back at it again! Nicki Minaj has just launched another episode of Queen Radio on Beats 1. It aired on Monday, Feb. 10 at 3.p.m. ET and is available to listen to here. With its last episode airing in November, the hiatus is finally over and Nicki is back to do what she does best: be her honest self.
Queen Radio was launched in Aug. 2018 and is named after the “Yikes” rapper’s fourth studio album “Queen.”
Minaj is not shy and is very candid about her life on Queen Radio, so it’s not far fetched for the latest episode’s topics to include the recent controversy surrounding her new song “Yikes” as well as the beef between her and ex Meek Mill.

On Feb. 7 Nicki released her latest single “Yikes” which caused a bit of an uproar

Nicki Minaj claims that she was “bullied” into releasing “Yikes.” Minaj teased listeners with a brief preview of the tune last Monday, and fans responded so well that Minaj says she felt pressured to finish the song and release it to the public. Apparently, her label chiefs also pressured her to complete the track.

On Twitter, a devoted listener asked Minaj how the track came about. In response, Minaj remarked, “I was playing a snippet for my crazy fans & they made me put it out.” She continued, “They are bullies. I only had 1 verse done. The label bullied me too. I’ve been bullied.”
In a line that shocked many listeners, on the track Nicki raps, “All you b*ches Rosa Parks/Uh oh, get your a** up.” With terrible timing, Minaj’s song was released right before Parks’ birthday.

After news came out that Minaj allegedly apologized for this, with the excuse of “bad timing,” via her Instagram story, Minaj revealed that this was fake news. She stated that she never apologized, didn’t realize anyone was mad, and “[doesn’t] care.”

Following the release of her single Nicki got into a heated argument with her ex Meek Mill via twitter

In the exchange, Nicki accused Meek Mill of abusing her. Minaj subtweeted Mill, “You beat your own sister and taped it. Spit on her & taped it. Kicked me in front your mother and sent her to the hospital.”
Mill did not accept or reject her claims, but put out a subtweet of his own. Meek decided to put Minaj on blast and brought up her brother Jelani Maraj, who has recently been convicted of raping an 11-year-old girl and has been sentenced 25 years to life.  Mill tweeted, “The only way you can try to kill my career is to say I beat women … talk about ya brother convicted of rape and you been knew and paid for his lawyer … ya little brother touched that lil girl too.”
Nicki seems to regret their altercation, later writing to fans on Twitter that she “got hacked.”
She wrote:

“Listen, it never fails. Every time I do it, five minutes later, I’m like, why the fuck did I? Every single time. But it’s a good lesson in knowing how to master your anger and emotions. So, every time I do that, I like give myself a talking to in my head, like, ‘OK, you played yourself, you shouldn’t have did that. You learned your lesson again.'”

With Queen Radio back on the air, we are sure to get inside details, and Nicki’s real feelings on these events. In the name of having all the tea, we can’t wait!