Inside Jefferee Star's New Eyeshadow Palette

First, there was Blood Sugar, then came Blue Blood. Now Jeffree Star is launching the third installment of his eyeshadow palette: Blood Lust. And as you can guess, preorders are an emotional rollercoaster.
Star revealed the new palette on his YouTube channel and it seems that he’s turned into a Disney villain for the launch. Sitting in what looks like a throne, surrounded by velvet purple drapes and nails that could be taken as a threat.

In terms of palette shape, he’s tried it all from alien head to coffin, but this time he’s decided on a less complex but still super elegant shape: a purple velvet sheathed hexagon. Not only is this a new shape but a new color series as well. While Blood Sugar was red and Blue Blood was blue, Blood Lust has a purple theme going on.
The palette contains 18 shades and promises “extreme payoff” with a new “extreme sparkle metallic formula.” Star also revealed that his goal was to do something different for the launch, and so is the inspiration behind the collection.
The inspiration behind Blood Lust combines five things: “vampires, love, sex, devotion, and passion.”

To go with the majestic vampire vibe is the rest of the collection are five lip glosses: “Iridescent Throne,” “Lord Star,” “Sickening,” “Sorcery,” and “Wizards Glass.” There’s also an Extreme Frost Highlighter and Mini Purple Velour Lipstick Bundle. And of course, there’s a whole bunch of mersh as well including the new iconic, crown-shaped mirror.
The entire Blood Lust collection launches February 21 on Jeffree Star Cosmetics at 10 am PST.

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