Euphoria: Learn How Hunter Schafer’s Character, Jules, Is Based on Her Experiences

Can you believe it’s been about half a year since Euphoria graced our TV screens? The HBO hit series follows a group of teenagers as they navigate high school, drug abuse, relationships and sex. Production has begun on the following season, and we can’t wait for new episodes to reach our devices so we can continue to root for our favorite pairings. Where are all my #RueAndFezco fans at?
With Zendaya at the forefront as main character Rue Bennett, we all knew we could expect quality performances.
A particular actress, Hunter Schafer, who plays transgender teen Jules Vaughn on the show, had never acted prior to joining the Euphoria cast. It seems like a lot of her emotions while on-screen were pretty genuine too.

Recently Hunter Schafer chatted to Acra for a cover story in V magazine about how Jules represents her

In the interview Schafer opened up about how her character Jules — a girl struggling to stand in her sexual identity and learning to love herself — was actually a reflection of herself. Schafer explained that she acted as a consultant on her own character. In reference to portraying her personal story on screen for millions to watch, Schafer stated, “It didn’t feel natural at first.”
She continued:

“Part of surviving [that] experience was just, like, getting through shit. Letting it rest, and not addressing it. I think that’s what I had been [doing] up to that point: just going and going, fighting to be on the other side of my transition. There was so much that I was working towards, and I was so excited to [be out of] North Carolina that I don’t think I’d ever looked back on [that experience].”

Euphoria gave Schafer a chance to look back on that experience.

While shooting, Schafer reveals that she had “…to remember a new detail, to dig up an artifact from within myself, and hold onto that moment for the scene.”

Schafer and Jules both got a new start

Jules’ storyline of hoping to leave her hometown and settle in somewhere new can be directly paralleled to Schafer’s own transition into the fashion world, as at the age of 17, Schafer moved to New York and started anew.

Schafer stated, “I know she has dreams, [many of] which she stated in the first episode.” She continued, “Which is just what I did in a way: escaping to New York, and working or interning in fashion. And that was [part of the character] before I was even cast, so it was really freaky to see that written into the script.”
We can’t wait to see more emotional performances from Schafer as Jules on Euphoria soon.

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