Legit Ways to Make Money While You’re Still Schooling

It’s common for college students to apply for part-time work to support their studies and it’s definitely hard to do this for some. Based on statistics, around 80 percent of college students are juggling their studies and part-time work.
It’s simply the norm for college students to be working while studying and fortunately, there are now many jobs that you can apply to. In fact, there are even jobs out there that won’t require you to leave your room or your college dorm.
If you’re already thinking of ways to earn money without sacrificing your time for studying, here are some great suggestions.

  • Freelance gigs

This is one of the things that you can do without having to work a full shift. This is even something that you can do without having to leave your room. There are now man online platforms out there where you can find clients who are looking for freelance workers.
As a freelancer, you can be a graphic designer, social media manager, writer, transcriptionist, and many other more. The job that you can get will really depend on the skills that you have. What’s great about this is that many freelancing opportunities won’t even require much of your time.

  • Take surveys

If you are not looking for a big income but just really something that could help you with your daily budget, then this is something that you should give a shot. There are now sites and downloadable apps that enable you to participate in paid activities like answering surveys or watching videos.
This is a very chill way to earn a few bucks but know that most of these platforms will require you to answer a minimum number of surveys or watch a specific number of videos before you can get your pay. 

  • Play real money games

If you’re someone who’s looking for fun while earning money then playing real money games on online casinos as Duckdice Casino might be for you. It’s important to know, however, that this can be risky too. You can either gain or lose money from this but sometimes, it’s worth the shot.
In fact, one of the biggest online casinos wins is from a Norwegian student that’s worth over 11 million Euros. You yourself can try your luck but it’s best to be smart about this. Choose casinos with great promos and bonuses. You can check Clovr.com’s Duckdice Casino review to know more about the perks you can get.

  • Tutoring

This is one of the obvious things that you can do, but the amount of money you can earn from this can still be a surprise. If you are doing great on a specific subject then that is something that you can offer to someone else who isn’t good at it. You can make as much as 18 dollars an hour just by tutoring. If you have a lot of free time, then you can try and accommodate more than one student.

  • Be a research assistant

Becoming a research assistant means working with a professor and he or she can be on your own campus. This could save you a lot of trouble from having to travel to work. Usually you just really need to help professors with data gathering and analyzing
Sometimes, this can also include organizing records and interviewing people. At most, you can earn 23 dollars an hour from doing this. However, just make sure that you have the time to do all the work. 

  • Drive for Uber or Lyft

If you’re lucky to have a car to drive while in college and are already 21 and up, then you can definitely give being an Uber or Lyft driver a try. What’s great about this is that you can be of service at any time of the day. This means that it could hardly affect your time for studies. Being an Uber or Lyft driver can make you earn hundreds of dollars each week. This will really depend on how many rides you can give in a week.  
These are just a few things that you can do to earn money as you pursue your studies. If you don’t feel that you can handle an actual job while studying, then you can always resort to selling your stuff online or to other students. This can also help you earn a few bucks without having to work for someone.
Definitely, being a student and an employee can be a tiring experience. It’s best that you still find the time to rest even if you’re trying to balance both. Health is still important and good rest can ensure that you can still focus on your studies.

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