Inside Salt-N-Pepa's Milani Makeup Collection

Salt-N-Pepa are definitely influential; they dominated the rap genre as the first female rap group and earned platinum status where men tend to dominate the scene. Even decades later, their music keeps shaping the work of new artists in hip-hop. Because their ’80s and ’90s style had such a huge impact on the beauty and fashion trends of the time, Milani decided to pay tribute to the two women with a makeup collaboration.
The four-piece collection is a throwback with products named after songs and albums, and packaging featuring vintage photos of the pair. The makeup shades though are just as trendy now as they were in the ’90s with two eyeshadow palettes and two lip kits.

Salt remains with a classic deep nude lip, claiming the “Shoop” lip kit, while Pepa gravitates towards the red lip in the “Push It” lip kit. Although this is just a four-piece collection, the duo is hoping for future collection launches with complexion makeup per Pepa’s preference and brow products per Salt.
Milani’s Salt-N-Pepa collection is available on and and will launch at Ulta, Walgreens, CVS stores next month.

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