Pete Davidson Reveals All In New Netflix Special

Comedian Pete Davidson’s new comedy special is now available to stream Netflix. Cleverly titled Alive from New York the comedian recaps major life moments in his life, good and bad.

Trouble At SNL

Davidson shares that he has gotten into trouble in the past working at SNL. When comedian Louis C.K. was a guest star on the popular late-night show during Davidson’s first season the two did not initially hit it off. “All of a sudden Louis goes ‘Look how f—ing high Pete is, that f—in idiot! Just getting high at work you stupid f—. You’re gonna smoke your career away, idiot,” Davidson recalls. C.K. ‘s dislike for Davidson went above letting Davidson himself know. C.K. reportedly spoke to Saturday Night Live producer, Lorne Michaels, to complain about Davidson’s unprofessionalism and try to get him fired.

Breakup With Grande

Davidson’s name skyrocketed to national fame after news broke out that he and celebrity and mega-pop star Ariana Grande were officially dating. Davidson and Grande’s romance was sudden and highly publicized. The couple ended up getting engaged after only four weeks of dating. However, their romance was shortlived. After only being engaged for a few months new broke out that Grande’s ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, had passed away from an accidental overdose. Davidson reveals that is was ultimately a large factor in their separation and lead the couple to split shortly after.

New Relationships

After Davidson’s separation from Grande, the pop star went on to mention her ex-beau is her hit single titled “Thank U, Next” which broke music industry records and was declared one of the most defining songs of the 2010s, according to Billboard. Davidson was not happy about his mention in the song, saying,  “She’s a very smart person. She did that so that every girl that sees my d— for the rest of my life is disappointed,” he says. “It’s a lifetime L.” Davidson has had to come to terms now frequently being reported on in the media, not for his comedy, but for who he is dating. After his separation with Grande, Davidson has been spotted with actresses such as Kate Beckinsale and Margret Qualley and most recently, model, Kaia Gerber.