On My Block Season 3 Trailer Released: Details

Fasten your seatbelts kiddos, the crazy adventure begins again! On My Block is making its way back to Netflix with its third season, and Netflix has just released a new trailer for season 3. Here’s everything you need to know.

When can you officially watch Season 3 of On My Block?

The first season of On My Block consisted of 10 episodes and was released on Netflix back in March of 2018. After its amazing popularity, a second season of the Netflix original series was put into gear and announced the following month. The second season aired in March of 2019.
A month after the release of the second season, the show’s third season will be released, and it’s set to premiere on Netflix on March 11 of this year. This season will be composed of 8 episodes.

The trailer for On My Block season 3 is officially out

Netflix dropped a trailer for the new season, which is coming out in just a week. In the trailer, it becomes clear exactly who kidnapped the gang of friends at the end of season 2.
In the trailer, the four friends have been taken to a woman by the name of Cuchillos. Apparently she has an important mission for them and has brought them there to find a character, Little Ricky, who the gang originally thought was dead.
As the humorous trailer pans out, we watch as the group of friends comes up with a way plan to find Little Ricky.
They are told to keep the mission a secret, and are threatened in order to keep them from spilling the beans.
This season will definitely be action-packed, covering gangs, a normal theme of the show. Despite all the danger, as per usual, there will certainly be room for lots of laughs.

The series has been praised for showing a different perspective of highschool life for teens

The series covers topics that some adolescents are unfortunately facing, such as gun violence and gangs. The series won an award for Choice Breakout TV Show at the Teen Choice Awards back in 2018. Actors, Diego Tinoco, who plays Cesar Diaz, and Jessica Marie Garcia, who plays Jasmine Flores, were nominated for accolades at the same award show the following year.


We can’t wait until our fave four friends come back to the screen for endless laughs and adventure!