The Newest Bachelorette is Announced for Season 16: Details

Clare Crawley has been announced as the newest Bachelorette. The hairstylist from Sacramento was first featured during Season 14 of The Bachelor which starred Venezuelan soccer player, Juan Pablo Galavis. Throughout the season, fans of the show were disappointed with the relationship between Galavis and Crawley, mainly due to how Crawley was being treated by Galavis. 

Clare Crawley

The couple went through a roller coaster of emotions that started after they hooked up earlier in the season. While Crawley thought their feelings were mutual Galavis surprised her by saying that he was ashamed of their actions, stressing that he had felt embarrassed and like a bad example for his younger daughter. However, this didn’t stop the couple from hooking up again. 

Crawley ended up making it to the final rose ceremony where the ultimate drama unfolded. During one of the most perplexing moments in Bachelor Nation history, Crawley confronted Galavis, telling him that she did not receive the respect she deserved and that Galavis had been deceitful about his feelings for her. Galavis’ nonchalant reaction to Crawley’s feeling led her to walk away from the final rose ceremony, but not before telling Gavalvis that she would never want her future children to have a father like him. 
Crawley went on to star on the first two seasons of Bachelor In Paradise and reprised her role in 2018’s The Bachelor Winter Games where she met Benoit Beausejour-Savard. The two hit it off and ended up getting engaged during the shows finale. But shortly after the couple called it quits.

Fans of the show have already been praising the decision to feature Crawley as the newest Bachelorette, and are excited to see a bachelorette of a different age demographic. Crawley who is 38 will be the oldest bachelorette in the show’s history. Regarding her future relationships Crawley shared, “Honestly for me, the most important thing is the man who will take off his armor, is strong, open himself up and be vulnerable,” she said. “I want a man that can do that.”
The new season is set to premiere on Monday, May 18.