Here’s What Kylie Jenner Wore In The Bahamas

Everyone is loving Kylie Jenner‘s latest outfit! Lemon suns and cerulean oceans surrounded the 22-year-old social media star as she and her friends vacationed in the Bahamas. Jenner wore a sheer pink dress that leaves nothing to the imagination.

A Little Pink Dress

Jenner looked suave and svelte wearing all pink, next to Sofia Richie, wearing all orange. The two social media stars have been friends for quite some time and they very much enjoy each other’s company. Their glamorous vacation involved staying at an AirBnB that costs $10,000 per night, according to Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Pretty Posing

Jenner and Richie’s fun and exciting vacation was documented through these fabulous photographs of the two ladies posing at their hotel. Even the palm tree in the background looks like it’s having fun. Jenner and Richie rock platform heels as their footwear of choice.

Konfident Kylie


Wearing nothing underneath a dress with nothing underneath is definitely a bold move. People who live their life making fashion their project reap the reward of having a career that they love and an outfit that they love, as well. Kylie Jenner is a bold and confident woman. Sofia Richie is playful and elegant, so the two young women make a fabulous pair.

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