Katy Perry Announces Pregnancy In New Music Video

Cue the fireworks! Pop superstar Katy Perry just announced that she is pregnant. The announcement came in her new music video “Never Worn White”, where the pop star is seen cradling her baby bump. Everybody is so excited, hooray!

All Dressed In White


The beautiful pop star is all dressed in white for her brand new music video. Perry’s blonde hair is all the way down like a princess. The tranquil scene involves Perry singing about how she wants to give a relationship a try and she rocks a baby bump while she is at it!

Flower Child


Perry dresses up as a flower while she so peacefully sings a new anthem that the world will never forget. She is an amazing performer who knows how to put on a show, including in a music video. Perry’s unborn child is sure to enjoy the lush smell that surrounds her and the baby.

A Song To Remember


Perry looks like a vision in her latest song promotion. The flowers definitely suit her peaceful persona. There is nothing that Perry loves more than a song about a happy ending and it looks like she is going to find one through the love that she has for her new baby.