Meet YouTube's Has A New Generation Of Beauty Gurus

Every 10 years a new generation takes the world by storm. “Millennial Generation” that apparently is making the previous generations go a little crazy. Now with the internet, and social media integrated into our everyday lives. Places like YouTube is constantly changing. When YouTube first started it was a place where you would find funny videos and laugh together with friends, like the famous “Scarlet Takes A Tumble” that went viral 9 years ago. Now YouTube is much more than that. Comedy skits, Gaming channels, and one of my personal favorites, beauty videos.
The YouTube beauty community is sooo huge, that if you haven’t heard of a particular huge YouTuber its understandable. Michelle Phan, ilikeweylie, and SamathaMaria (formerly known as BeautyCrush. Are some of the original OG’s of YouTubes beauty community, and they’re still growing strong today. While others, like JLovesMac1 have almost completely phased out.
Now we have the new generation of beauty gurus known as “Generation Z” taking over YouTube with their diversity and fresh ideas.

1. Teala Dunn

The 20-year old has accumulated more than 2.1 million subscribers. Not only is Teala a YouTube star, but a an actress, and singer. Talk about being multi-talented, and being women of color. You go Teala!

2. Ella Victoria

Ella has over 160,000 subscribers to date with over 3 millions views on her videos. The best part she’s only 18-years old. Her channel focuses on make and fashion.

3. Vivian V

If you want quick beauty, and style tips. Then Vivian V is the girl for you. She makes everything look effortless simple, and the best part is her tutorials don’t take a lot of time to recreate. The young 19-year old has a following of 1.7 millions subscribers.

4. Edgar

He just joined the YouTube community last year, and is already killing it. Not to mention his instagram account has 177,000 followers and counting. Edgar’s tutorials are stunning, and creative. He’s not afraid to make a daring look that’s always flawless. Edgar’s stunning, and all around amazing. Go off Edgar!

5. Brendan Jordan

The 18-year old, who always rocks a fierce highlight. He might look younger than he is, but when has that been a bad thing? He uses his platform to promote confidence, and positivity. We can’t wait to see where his journey takes him.

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