Lil Uzi Vert’s New Album ‘Eternal Atake’: Details

Artist Symere Woods, known professionally as Lil Uzi Vert, is a Philadelphia born rapper and musician. The artist released well-received mixtapes in his early career and in 2016 collaborated on the song “Bad and Boujee” with rap group Migos. The song became an internet phenomenon, sparking countless memes, as well as becoming a highly streamed song on the Billboard charts.

The artist announced the tracklist for his newest album as well as confirmation that it will be releasing on March 13. Guests artists such as Chief Keef and Travis Scott have been rumored to make an appearance on the album, however, have not been confirmed as official collaborators.


Eternal Atake Tracklist

  • “Baby Pluto”
  • “Lo Mein”
  • “Silly Watch”
  • “Pop”
  • “You Better Move”
  • “Homecoming”
  • “I’m Sorry”
  • “Celebration Station”
  • “Bigger Than Life”
  • “Chrome Hearts Tags”
  • “Bust Me”
  • “Prices”
  • “Urgency” feat. Syd
  • “Venetia”
  • “Secure the Bag”
  • “P2 (The End)”

    Bonus Tracks

  • “Futsal Shuffle”
  • “That Way”
  • The artist also released a two-minute short film for the album. You can check it out below.