This is the Secret to a Perfect Day

Realistically, there’s no secret to having a perfect day. Let’s be real, do perfect days actually exist, anyway? If it’s not 75 degrees, sunny with a nice breeze, or something like that then no — perfect days don’t exist. Even though that’s the case, the secret to creating a day that might feel some kind of perfect is to have a productive morning
Everyone knows you are not supposed to hit snooze in the morning. The snooze button might as well be a vice because it’s so easy to hit once, twice, and then suddenly you’re skipping breakfast to run out the door to your 8:00am. Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day, but if you skip it, you’re likely missing out on some time in the mornings that could be helping you set your day up better. 
Here is the secret recipe for an almost perfect day. 

Get up earlier.

You don’t need to get up at the crack of dawn, but waking up a bit earlier will help you in so many ways.  
You also don’t have to be a morning person in order to get up earlier. It’s all about motivation. In order to get up earlier, find a way to motivate yourself. Love coffee? Motivate yourself to get up by keeping delicious creamer or add-ins for your coffee in the morning. 

Set goals.

While you probably don’t need to do this every day, knowing what your goals are and outlining them will help you feel successful and productive. There’s this thing called the success spiral, meaning that success creates more success. If you have extra time in your mornings, and I assure you that you do, you can spend some time working towards one of those goals. 
Wanting to run a 5k? You can spend 10 minutes in the morning making an effort to reach that goal by either eating a good breakfast or a quick workout. 

Plan your day.

I like to plan my day at the end of the day before. That way, I know exactly what’s going on and I can prep myself for it. By planning your day, you’ll find that here and there, you actually have a lot more time than you realize. 
Check your calendar. Check your planner. Look at what you have in terms of work for school, or maybe for your internship. You’ll be thankful you did. 

Get ready to crush it. 

Getting ready for the day should be fun to an extent. No one wants to put on a full face of makeup at 6:00 AM, but then again, if it helps you prepare for the day and get you in a productive mood… why not? Just be sure to turn your curling rod or flat iron off before you leave, because they could you know, set things on fire or run up your utility bill. 
Get ready to crush the day with your newfound productive energy.