Jaclyn Hill & Morphe Cosmetics Cause Uproar Due To Formula Change

Beauty company Morphe Cosmetics is receiving major backlash due to changing the formulation of one of their highest selling products without disclosing the change to consumers. The cosmetics company collaborated with beauty guru and YouTuber, Jaclyn Hill, in 2017 to create one of the most highly-anticipated beauty launches the company and internet beauty community has ever seen. The palette was a success, selling out instantly at the initial release and every re-stock. 


Recently a Youtuber After numerous customer complaints, the company finally took to Twitter to clear the air. Morphe insists that a customer service representative gave incorrect information to
This is not the first time the company or the influencer has been under fire. Morphe’s second release with Hill, the ‘Vault Collection’ featured a set of pocket-sized   


Hill herself has had an unfortunate amount of mishaps with previous product releases. The YouTuber decided to launch her own cosmetic line, and two years after the announcement she finally released her first launch – a range of luxury lipsticks suitable for every skin tone. Shortly after customers and influencers received their product they noticed that the lipstick contained shards, miscellaneous particles, and hairs that looked suspiciously like mold. Despite customer feedback urging Hill to stop selling products, she and her team insisted that the products were safe for customer use.  

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