You Need To Watch Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Do The "Flip The Switch" Challenge

Everyone knows Jennifer Lopez as the triple-threat, Super Bowl-winning, Oscar-deserving star she is, and her fiancé, iconic baseball player, Alex Rodriguez. But, one thing everyone was in the dark on until now is the power couple’s ability to be social media sensations. Okay, maybe that’s a little much, but once you see the A-lister’s take on the “Flip the Switch” TikTok challenge, you’ll understand what I mean.
Rodriguez posted a video of the two perfecting the challenge on his Instagram account, blessing his millions of followers in the process. The “Flip the Switch” challenge consists of two people filming themselves through a mirror to Drake‘s hit song “Nonstop.” Just as Drake says the words (you guessed it) “look, I just flipped the switch,” the two turn the lights off and back on, except now they’ve switched spots and are wearing each other’s clothes. Groundbreaking, I know.

My new favorite video starts with the couple dancing to Drake, like any other normal day, until the lights switch on and off. Suddenly, Lopez is in Rodriguez’s dapper navy blue jacket and sunglasses and, best of all, Rodriguez is now sporting his fiancée’s body-hugging white dress and Gucci belt. He even goes as far as to wear her hoop earrings— now that’s commitment. Rodriguez also copies Lopez’s dance moves before beginning to laugh as the video cuts off. Please do yourself a favor and follow both of them on TikTok at JLO and AROD13.
Lopez and Rodriguez aren’t the only stars to hop on this trend, though, with Senator Elizabeth Warren and Kate McKinnon giving it a go backstage at Saturday Night Live.

The former Democratic presidential candidate may have a new career path, as she and her SNL counterpart flipped the switch for the sketch show’s Instagram account. Their take on the trend starts out with Senator Warren holding the camera as the identically dressed McKinnon dances behind her. Then, in a move we all know well by now, the lights flip on and off, and now Senator Warren is dancing as McKinnon makes a face in the mirror. “Wow I need to come home,” Drake himself even commented on the post.
Whether you’re an avid TikTok watcher (it’s okay to admit it, this is a safe space) or you’re just a fan of celebrities (and politicians, I guess) hopping on fun trends, you have to admit Lopez and Rodriguez killed this challenge. Especially with those hoop earrings!

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