More Vulnerable To Coronavirus By Vaping Or Smoking

If you’re trying to stay safe and take the precautions to protect yourself from the coronavirus, it’s probably a good time to quit your smoking or vaping habit if you have one.

The mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio addressed this concern at a conference about how these habits can not only increase the chances of contracting the illness but also worsen symptoms. Those who smoke or vape could be at a greater risk of dying from the illness than those who don’t. The factors that would increase the risk include lung disease, cancer, immune system vulnerability, and diabetes. The risks are especially heightened for those over the age of 50.

The remarks made by De Blasio come in the midst of various conflicting conspiracy theories on the rumored connection between vaping and the coronavirus. Along with those, is the unproven theory being pushed by Chinese media that suggests that the coronavirus began in the United States, rather than Wuhan, China which is where the rest of the population believes the virus originated.

The conspiracy goes on to claim that a selection of deaths reports in the U.S. were said to have been a result of vaping-related illnesses, but were actually coverups for the coronavirus. The misinformation rapidly spread through social media, confusing and frightening people even more. But President Donald Trump has been tweeting to assure Americans that the crisis is under control and that the White House is well-equipped and prepared.