Sephora Is Changing Its Rewards System

Beloved beauty mecca, Sephora, has recently announced that it will be changing its rewards system next month. After having the same rewards program for over a decade the company will finally be revamping its perks starting April 30.

The highly coveted beauty store used to be on every makeup lover’s radar due to the extensive amount of brands the store carried; from niche Parisian perfumes to luxury runway beauty. But after racking up a large number of points during every shopping trip customers started to express their dissatisfaction with the reward system, which only let customers redeem tiny travel-sized products for 100 points each. The lack of incentives led some customers to shop at competing stores.

Starting next month shoppers can expect some exciting new changes. Members will now be able to redeem 500 points for $10 off their purchase at checkout. The company will be keeping its tier status, but will now offer VIB customers to choose from three different birthday gifts while Rouge customers get to choose from four. Shoppers can also expect to see frequent point multiplier events as well as using points for in-store makeovers and services. Lastly, the company is updating its shipping services. Rouge customers will receive free shipping in all purchases, VIB’s with a $35 threshold, and Insiders with a minimum purchase of $50. At this time, it is unknown if Flash Shipping will still be available.

The company has been in competition with Ulta Beauty for quite some time now. Ulta updated their rewards program several years ago, and utilize a tier system similar to Sephora. However, the company’s rewards offer still factor out to be a better value for money. Ulta customers can redeem 500 points for a total of $17.50. The two stores carry a variety of different brands so consumers will have something unique to shop for in each. 

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