Gigi Hadid Interviewed by Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner

Gigi Hadid talked everything from dipping her french fries in mashed potatoes to making her own chairs by hand in the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar. The 24-year-old supermodel was interviewed by a couple of friends who you may have heard of (and by that I mean who you 100% know and love), including Taylor Swift, Blake Lively and Kendall Jenner. While some of Hadid’s famous friends chose to ask more serious questions, others went for the fun approach — which is why we now know that Hadid would definitely serve Prairie Breeze cheddar and truffle honey at her imaginary arts-and-crafts festival (thank you Virgil Abloh!).

Swift went for the first approach, starting off with what impresses her about Hadid.

“I’m seriously impressed that whenever you are in an immediate or stressful situation you fly into action. Is that something that’s always been natural for you?” Swift asked.

“I’ve realized over time that I feel the most free when I express myself, whether through action, writing, or talking it out. Being honest always leads to something good, even if it takes a hard or awkward moment or conversation to get there; you can never go wrong with telling someone how you feel and speaking your truth. And you always learn something from it,” Hadid answered.

Tennis star Serena Williams, who has known Hadid since she was a teenager, asked how Hadid has managed to remain so “humble, loving, and down-to-earth.”

Hadid answered by speaking on how she sees herself as a person and, of course, her zodiac sign.

“I think that I’ve always seen myself the same. Although I’ve had dreams come true and gotten to experience so much, my inner dialogue has always been one of self-reflection and keeping integrity as my main focus in everything I do. I also give a lot of credit to the fact that I’m a Taurus, whether that has anything to do with it or not … Haha … But I’ve always felt a connection to when people say that a Taurus is at peace with the timing of the earth. I trust that everything we go through, good or bad, is for the better. I try to see the good in people first and remember that everyone is continuously trying to grow and do their best.” Sounds like something a Taurus would say.

While these questions definitely got readers a better insight into Hadid’s mind, I personally believe Jimmy Fallon and Antoni Porowski asked the real questions — the food questions. I know that’s what you all came for.

“What was the best hamburger you’ve had recently?” Fallon asked, bringing back memories of the time the two ate burgers together on The Tonight Show.

“I got to go back to L.A. for the Tom Ford show this past fashion week, and as a California kid, I will always have a huge place in my heart for In-N-Out’s Double-Double Animal Style. But since you and I always talk NYC burgers, I just tried Hall on West 20th Street. It’s the cutest little place. First come, first served. Simple but great burger and fries. And you get a yuzu lemonade with the lunch special—all for $12!” said Hadid.

Porowski, the go-to food guy on Queer Eye, asked about when she realized carbs on carbs AKA mashed potatoes and french fries went together. Maybe he’s going to steal that idea for the next season of Queer Eye?

Hadid said, “I don’t remember exactly what night this was, but it was probably after a few passion fruit martinis at Le Chalet at L’Avenue at Saks, which makes my favorite mashed potatoes on the planet. We must have run out of ketchup, so I dipped the fries in the mashed potatoes—and eureka!”

Blake Lively asked maybe — no, definitely — the most interesting question of the whole interview: “What inspired you to make your own chairs by hand?”

That’s right, apparently, Hadid is not only an ultra-talented Taurus fashion model, but she can also make a mean chair. She revealed that, when she’s spending time on her farm, she likes to try new things and see what she can create.

“When I’m spending time on the farm, I find it fun to try something new and see if I can pull it off. It’s liberating to just create without the end goal of it being necessary to finish. The chair idea came from that. I wanted to see if I could build a wood frame first and then pour resin into it and make a clear chair.”

She added, “I built the wood part and then through the next step learned that you can only dry resin in small layers, and the more layers I added, the more it was clear that I didn’t make my frame tightly sealed enough. Failed miserably. I ended up giving up on the big one and made a small-scale version, which worked a lot better! I like the ‘Try and fail and try again’ method. It keeps it fun and interesting for me, and even through failures you can learn so much.”

Speaking of her farm (which her mother bought in Pennsylvania in 2017, in case you were wondering) Jenner asked what Hadid learned from living there.

“The farm has really made me remember, and bring back to my life, my most simple pleasures. It’s allowed me to fill my days off with the little things that make me happy, like art, gardening, yoga, cooking, being outside, and spending time with my loved ones and animals without having to worry about things like what I’m wearing or how my hair looks, or being photographed or seen that day. Being away from the city and the public eye makes me feel like a kid again, and that freedom has been really healing for me.”

To see what the rest of her friends asked during the interview, be sure to check the full thing out! I’ll be testing out that whole french fries with mashed potatoes thing.