How Celebrities Are Giving Back Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, hope is not completely lost. Several celebrities are stepping forward to help out. Apart from encouraging words and advice, some celebrities are giving monetary aid during these hard times.
Find out how some of your favorite celebrities are helping out.

Donatella Versace and daughter Allegra give back to Italy

Natives to Italy, the daughter and mother are giving back to their country which has been heavily affected by the virus. In a statement on her Instagram account, Versace wrote, “In times like this, it is important to be united and support however we can to help all those who are in the front lines, fighting every day to save hundreds of lives.” She continued, “This is why Allegra and I have decided to make a personal donation of 200,000 euros to the intensive care department of San Raffaele hospital in Milan.”

Ciara and Russell Wilson support their community in Seattle

In a video they shared to Instagram, Ciara and Russell Wilson encouraged others to support their local food banks and also stated that they would be pledging one million meals to Seattle’s Food Lifeline.
“The world needs us ALL. These are unprecedented times. We are supporting our community in Seattle by donating 1 million meals with Seattle @FoodLifeLine,” Ciara wrote in the caption of the post. “Rally with us and support your local food bank @FeedingAmerica We can all make a difference together. Let’s all keep the Faith during this difficult time.”

Stephen and Ayesha Curry provide meals for Oakland students

In a Twitter video, the celebrity couple has shared that they have partnered with a food bank to help provide 1 million meals to Oakland students who can no longer attend school due to shutdowns.
“Oakland is closing schools bc of COVID-19. We support this decision but are concerned a/b the 18,000+ kids that rely on school for 2+ meals daily,” Stephen captioned the video. “@eatlearnplay is donating to @ACCFB to ensure every child has access to the food they need. Join us & donate”

Vanessa Hudgens donates to Feeding America

In a screenshot posted on her Instagram account, Vanessa Hudgens shares that she has donated to Feeding America.

“It’s a crazy time out there in the world,” the Disney alumn wrote. “School closures, job disruptions, lack of paid sick leave and the coronavirus’ disproportionate impact on adults age 60 and older and low-income families are all contributing to the demands placed on food banks across the country.”

Bong Joon Ho and BTS’s Suga aid South Korea

In an effort to support South Korea, the “Parasite” director and BTS member have each donated more than $82,000 to the Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association.
Their donations will be used for health efforts to contain the coronavirus, and will reportedly aid in distributing health masks and hand sanitizers to those in South Korea.

Justin Timberlake donates to his hometown Memphis

The actor/musician posted a message to his Instagram story, stating that he would be donating to the Mid-South Food Bank in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.
“This is a crazy time, but remember we’re all in it together,” Timberlake wrote. “Start small and support your local communities by getting food out to those in need.”

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