Hilary Duff Urges Young People To Quarantine

Partying and socializing may be a lot of fun, but now is not at all the time to do that, according to Hilary Duff, who urges new millennials to stay home instead of go out. Self-quarantining will save lives in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. The spread of the virus will slow down if people follow in Duff’s footsteps, as she stay at home with her family in Los Angeles.

An Express of Concern


The Lizzie McGuire star assertively spreads the word about the importance of staying home as we all face the COVID-19 outbreak. Duff says, “To all you young millennial a - - holes that keep going out partying: go home.” and then adds, “Stop killing old people, please.” The well-spoken actress sets an example for fellow young people by listening to the demands of the CDC.

Please Stay Home


If we really think about it, staying at home is not that much to ask for, and Duff completely understands that, as well as countless other celebrities. The only way to beat the coronavirus outbreak is to avoid going out as much as possible, unless we go to the grocery store, pharmacy, gas station, or any other place in the name of an emergency. Please listen to Hilary Duff and stay home.

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