Quarantine Guide: Dressing Down for Work From Home

While working from home offers many perks, attire could be a concern especially if work is requiring video chats for conference calls or just to check-in. While we all want to work from bed in our PJs all day, every day, it’s good to have a certain standard for the working-from-home wardrobe. We have a guide to dressing down for work from home during the coronavirus quarantine.

Online Shopping


It’s the only way to do it in this age of coronavirus. Avoid the overcrowded store and the risk of contacting someone with the virus. If you find an item you like online, go ahead and buy it in every color. No one will notice it’s the same shirt just in different colors.

Suit Still Needed


Depending on your boss and their frequent need to check-in through Skype, Zoom or whatever other platforms being used, then appropriate attire may be needed. This is the time to bring out a nice suit jacket, shirt, and tie. What you’re wearing underneath is up to you, just be careful getting up during a video call.

One or Two Client-Facing Combos


Even while in quarantine, you may need to communicate via video chat with a client or even meet them out on the street, since meeting spots are closed. That calls for a casual Friday work attire, something comfortable but still professional.

Stick to Sweatpants


You’re most productive when you’re comfortable and sweats are a go-to weekend outfit for a reason. You can move in them, they’re breathable and they’re just comfortable. Working from home blurs the line between weekend and weekday so gather up your sweats and join the conference call in comfort.

Machine Wash Only


Don’t waste time or risk COVID-19 exposure during the day by going back and forth from the dry cleaners. Keep it simple; make sure all of your working-from-home clothes are machine washable without needing fancy detergent or special washing instructions.



Just because you’re quarantined doesn’t mean your desire to iron magically appears. Wrinkle-free shirts are a win, look clean and put together without the extra work of bringing out the ironing board.

Pay Attention to your Feet


A lot of heat is lost through your extremities, keep that warmth with thick socks. The design doesn’t matter, the point of comfort. Pair your socks with some slippers to avoid accumulating the floor debris. If you live in a warmer area though, go crazy, go barefoot!

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