Don't Panic-Buy And Stock Up On WIC Products

By now everyone should know about the chaos happening in the stores as people are buying things from milk to beef to toilet paper as they prepare for their stay at home from the coronavirus outbreak. And although people shouldn’t be hoarding up excess materials, the state volunteer group, Suit Up Maine has been sharing an important tip to be aware of and to keep in mind when buying products.
They are advising people to avoid purchasing items labeled WIC.

WIC refers to the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children which is a federal program that helps low-income women, toddlers or children under the age of 5. The issue comes up when non-WIC recipients buy all of the WIC-labeled items, so people who do use WIC to feed their families are unable to do so. If there are no WIC-approved options left, then WIC recipients might be unable to buy anything at all.
Foods included in the WIC program are staples like milk, eggs, infant cereal, and canned goods. The message from Suit Up Maine has been taken across social media and picked up by various celebrities.

Suit Up Maine did also clarify that states that request waivers that allow for WIC item substitutions. But to make it easier for these WIC-dependent families, be aware of the labels when your shopping and stocking up on supplies.