Here’s How Katy Perry Practices Social Distancing

Pregnant Katy Perry holds down her fort as she and fiancé Orlando Bloom prepare for the birth of their baby, which is due in the blink of an eye. The pop superstar snacks on pickles and shares a photo as well. Perry is a proud mother-to-be and she is handling the self-quarantine beautifully.

Baby Love

Perry’s elegant bump is certainly stealing the show and her pink “How Soon Is Now” shirt is just to die for! Her short and sassy hairdo reflects her amazing pop star persona. Last but not least, the megastar’s gorgeous profile gives off serene vibes, as if we are all on this pregnancy journey together with Perry, which we are.

Did Anyone Say Pickles?

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Believe it or not, pickles are a common craving for pregnant woman, so for Perry, eating them is now second nature to her. Perry practices social distancing, just like we all need to, and remember, no one is immune to the COVID-19 outbreak. Furthermore, Perry sets an example of a good way to pass the time, such as by eating healthy snacks, like pickles. After all, mothers and mothers-to-be definitely know best. We should all follow in Perry’s footsteps by staying at home, away from crowds.

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