Stevie Nicks Praises Harry Styles In COVID-19 Twitter Post

Iconic Fleetwood Mac frontwoman, and probable witch, Stevie Nicks has only nice things to say of former One Direction member Harry Styles. Nicks took to Twitter to share her advice on the COVID-19 pandemic, mentioning she’s been listening to Styles’ most recent album, Fine Line. The “Landslide” singer said she’s been staying in with her goddaughters, her assistant and her dogs, of course.
“Dear Everyone, I know you are doing everything you can to help the situation we are all in. I am staying in with my goddaughters and my assistant Karen —  and all our dogs, Lily, Luna and Mana — trying to think of creative things to do,” Nicks wrote on Twitter.
She went on to liken Styles’ Fine Line to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours. Can you hear me screaming?
“Listening to music (mostly Harry Styles’ Fine Line) and being inspired by him to write some new songs and poetry. Way to go H.~ it is your Rumours…” Nicks said.
She ended the post with some advice everyone could benefit from right now, “Just Dance. This will pass. Love will find a way. It always does.”
This isn’t the first time Nicks has shown her love for Styles — in fact, they’ve been so open about their admiration of one another, Vulture even created a whole timeline of their friendship (which I definitely recommend checking out if you want to overdose on perfection).
Some of the most memorable moments on the timeline include Nicks’ bandmate, Mick Fleetwood, “adopting” Styles. “Mick has kind of adopted him. There are just women in Mick’s family and Harry is that tall, lanky musical son he always wanted, so they keep in touch,” Nicks said in 2017.
Of course, you can’t have a friendship between two incredibly talented artists without a few joint performances, one of which being their 2019 performance at the Brooklyn Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Styles was chosen to induct his “adoptive mother” into the Hall of Fame.
During his induction speech, Styles said Nicks is “everything you’ve ever wanted in a lady, in a lover, in a friend. She is more than a role model; she’s a beacon to all of us. Whenever you hear her voice, life gets a little bit better. When she sings, the world is hers, and it is yours.”
More recently, in December 2019, Nicks joined Styles on stage during his Fine Line tour to perform “Landslide” together. Truly iconic.

Please do yourself a favor and listen to Fine Line and Rumours on repeat for the rest of forever.

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