The 6 Post-Apocalyptic TV Shows To Binge Watch

The coronavirus has caused most of us to self-isolate in our homes for the next couple of weeks. This worldwide pandemic is a scary avenue that to an extent our society has never seen before. While some people will be taking their minds off the heavy stuff that’s happening with light-hearted shows others would rather immerse themselves into something darker. Here are six apocalyptic fiction tv shows to help us manage the anxiety we are feeling from COVID-19. 

Fear The Walking Dead – Streaming On Hulu 

A prequel to AMC’s hit series ‘The Walking Dead’ follows a high school guidance counselor Madison Clark (Kim Dickens). While raising a teenage daughter (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and son (Frank Dillane) single-handedly rumors spread about a rapidly changing world that uproot their entire lives. 

Containment – Streaming On Netflix

A mysterious epidemic breaks out in Atlanta and an urban quarantine is enforced, leaving those on the inside to fight for their lives as the government searches for a cure. Police officer Lex Carnahan (Chris Wood) works to keep the peace among the crowd, but incidents seem to unfold quicker than he can handle. 

12 Monkeys – Streaming On Hulu 

In a post-apocalyptic future, Cole (Aaron Stanford) uses a dangerous method of time travel to get from 2043 to the present day. His goal is to find and destroy the plague that will eventually be responsible for ending the human race. A virologist named Dr. Cassandra Railly (Amanda Schull) must make a choice whether to help Cole and bend the rules of the law to fight off a mysterious organization called the ‘army of the 12 monkeys’. 

Black Summer – Streaming On Netflix

A mother named Rose (Jaime King) is separated from her daughter during the earliest and most deadly days of a zombie apocalypse. Set in the “Z Nation” universe, this series follows a team of special forces as it fights for humanity during the hellfire of the zombie apocalypse.

Freakish – Streaming On Hulu

When a group of high school students (Meghan Rienks, Leo Howard, Liza Koshy, Tyler Chase) attend Saturday detention, their world is turned upside down when the town chemical plant causes a massive explosion. The group survives but is now trapped inside. Mutants take over the town and leaving school is not an option, but staying safely inside might not either.

Pandemic: How To Prevent An Outbreak – Streaming On Netflix

This docu-series tackles a variety of issues relating to pandemics and the men and women who are at the forefront trying to stop the next possible outbreak. From viruses and anti-vaxxers to flu pandemics and the aftermath of an outbreak, this series breaks down each topic through six episodes.