Taylor Swift And Kim Kardashian Phone Call Feud Reignited

Over the weekend the full-length phone call between Taylor Swift and Kanye West leaked online showing new information that might prove that Swift, in fact, did not lie like it was made to appear. 

The infamous call from 2016 created immediate fire when Kim Kardashian posted a short video of the phone call between Swift and her husband, Kanye West.  In the video, it appears that Kanye tells Swift that he will be using her name in one of his lyrics for his song ‘Famous’. 

The feud began when Swift publically stated that she never gave permission for her name to be included in the song and she was never contacted about the final lyrics. This response prompted Kardashian to share the illegally filmed video on her social media.  

Shortly after the video gained popularity the hashtag #taylorswiftisoverparty became number one trending on Twitter. The recording prompted Swift to be bombarded with an onslaught of comments and snake emojis on all of her socials. 

The recording painted Swift as a liar and completely altered her public image. In fact, the backlash from the video prompted Swift to stay out of the public eye for almost a year. In 2017, Swift released her sixth studio album titled Reputation. Snakes became a central theme throughout the collection of songs. 

Over the years Swift has always protested that she did not, in fact, hear and approve the derogatory lyric that Kanye included in his song, nor was the song ever sent to her team for final approval the way that Kardashian still claims. Which could be a possibility since throughout the whole conversation it is not specifically brought up. 

Taylor’s publicist even took to Twitter to back up what actually went down. It is unknown how and why after all these years the video has been leaked since the Karshadian’s and Swift publically stated that they have buried the incident and no longer wish to speak about it. However, Swift fans and friends like Toddrick Hall have shared a theory that the leak might have come from someone from the Kardashians press team.  But, one thing we do know is that with an ongoing battle like this, we will probably never know the entire truth.