Ariana Grande Celebrates 10-Year 'Victorious' Anniversary

Ariana Grande celebrated Victorious’ ten-year anniversary on Instagram along with her old castmates. It might be hard to believe now that Grande is a world-famous pop star but the “thank u, next” singer got her start playing Cat Valentine, the ditzy (yet loveable) red-haired Hollywood Arts student, on all four seasons of the Nickelodeon show. Grande also played the role of Cat on the show’s spinoff, appropriately named Sam and Cat. 
“I couldn’t have spent my teenage years with a better, more funny, talented group of human beings, ” Grande wrote in her Instagram post.
“i really loved playing cat valentine (even though sometimes people think i actually still speak and act like that and her essence will lovingly haunt me til i die) …. i miss getting in trouble w my friends the school room and trying not to laugh when we weren’t supposed to on set. i even miss waking up with red hair dye stained pillows. thank u @danwarp and to my cast mates for some of the most special years of my life and for bringing all of us into each other’s lives. happy anniversary!”

Grande was inspired to show her love for her former show by Daniella Monet, who played Trina Vega. “Ten years of victorious…daniella’s post got me all in my feels now so i’m sorry for the mushiness but…. jus want to say how grateful i will always be for being on this show and for those years of my life,” Grande wrote.

Monet’s nostalgic post chronicled a bunch of things she misses from her Victorious days, including laughing all the time with her castmates, the crazy shoes her character had to wear and even freezing during long night shoots.
Other castmates also posted to about their years on the Nick show. Matt Bennett, Leon Thomas, Elizabeth Gillies, Avan Jogia and the show’s lead Victoria Justice all posted heartfelt tributes of their own.

“This show changed my life & I’m so grateful I got to share it with this amazing, insanely talented group of people. We share memories together that I look back fondly on to this day & will always cherish,” Justice wrote.
All four seasons of Victorious are now streaming on Netflix if you want to take a trip down memory lane.

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