Jessica Alba's Tutorial For A Wearable Daytime Glam Makeup Look

Known for her Hollywood movies like Into The Blue and Fantastic Four, actress Jessica Alba is no stranger to the beauty industry. In fact, the celebrity even has her own company. Alba is the co-creator of The Honest Company which provides green and non-toxic baby products that are effective and safe to use on the skin. Alba also created an extension of the Honest brand with a cosmetic company called Honest Beauty.
After having children, the actress realized how truly important it was to create safe products. She also shares that “all of the skincare products that I use are clean, and why I’m so passionate about it is because I have such reactive skin, and I’ve had such reactive skin literally since I was born. I just really seek out products that for the most part are fragrance-free and them looking for products that don’t have parabens, have petroluem-based ingredients, things like that. ”

Prep Skin Effectively

Alba starts her beauty regimen with a skincare routine. The actress always likes to start with the Honest Beauty Prime + Perfect face mask. After letting it sink into the skin for ten minutes minute she is sure to follow up with a moisturizer. Alba layers the Honest Beauty Hydrogel Cream with the Deep Hydration Face Cream. 

Start With An Eye Mask

For makeup application, Alba likes to start with eyeshadow. But before applying any cosmetics she puts on a soothing pair of undereye gels. Not only do they help to depuff but the actress shares that the undereye masks also protect against any makeup fall out.  The beauty pro also suggests using a well made fluffy eye brush so any eyeshadow mistakes or misplacements can be buffed out easily. 

Reverse Base Products

Alba takes on an unusual and innovative technique for base application. She uses a cream foundation several shades darker than her natural skin tone to apply contour to her nose, forehead and cheek area. She then uses a brightening concealer underneath her eyes. For her final step, Alba uses a Beauty Blender with the Honest Beauty Tinted CC Moisturizer to gently blend all products into the skin for a healthy, dewy affect.  

Lengthened Lashes

To create the long lashes for her diffused daytime smokey eye Alba curls her lashes and uses a fiber mascara from her brand. “I always use a primer, and what’s cool about this one is that you have a primer on one side and a mascara on the other, and it works so well for people with super sensitive like me.” 

Longlasting Lipcolor

To finish off the look Alba uses two shades of liquid lipstick. For a contoured look Alba shares, “to do the lighter one [shade] on the outside and you can go a little bit outside your lip line if you want to give the illusion of a fuller lip.” After Alba finishes the look with a little touch of the Honest magic balm to give shine to the center of the lips while keeping the outside matte.  
Watch the step-by-step tutorial below.

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