Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Help Four NYC Hospitals

According to The Hill, Hollywood starlet Blake Lively  and the handsome actor Ryan Reynolds make the joint decision as a married couple to donate $400,000 to New York City hospitals with COVID-19 as the focal point. Lively and Reynolds donated $100,000 to NYU Hospital, Mount Sinai, Northern Westchester and Elmhurst. With more ,than 43,000 confirmed cases in New York City, staying safe is more important than ever, and the generous efforts of Lively and Reynolds cannot stress that enough.

.A Generous Couple

the week before, Lively and Reynolds have donated $1 million dollars to two food banks across America in order to help  struggling families and adults who have been horribly impacted by the outbreak. Reynolds posted about how he and Lively were going to split the donation 50/50 between Feeding American and Food Banks Canada. Hopefully, many families will be positively impacted by the amazing couple’s magnanimous offer.

Fight For Safety


Lively and Reynolds urge everyone to stay safe and take care of their bodies. Reynolds says, “Take care of your bodies and hearts. Leave room for joy. Call someone who’s isolated and might need connection.” His compassion matches that of his wife, and their astounding contributions will not be forgotten. Thank you, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds!

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