LISTEN: Lindsay Lohan Releases New Song "Back To Me"

Everyone remain calm, Lindsay Lohan just dropped a new song! The Mean Girls star released her newest track “Back To Me” April 3 after teasing it on her Instagram page.

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Im back! 👀

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“Back To Me,” Lohan’s first song since the IGTV exclusive “Xanax” featuring Alma released in September, is a chill pop song that would totally be found blasting at Lohan’s Mykonos beach club. I can see her dancing to it now.
The song chronicles the struggles Lohan’s gone through, especially growing up in the public eye. Luckily, these experiences have only made her stronger and now she’s on the road to being herself again.
“My life is full of ripped up pages/I’ve been weak, contagious,” Lohan sings. “But I’m coming back, I’m coming back to me.”

Lohan’s discography includes her 2004 album Speak, which peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 and featured the iconic song “Rumors” about her relationship with the media. Lohan’s followup album A Little More Personal (Raw) reached No. 20 the next year.
“The song is about rediscovering and accepting oneself, shutting out the noise and moving forward and letting the past go,” Lohan said.

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